Prototyping the workshop planner app ⏰

Lately, I have been a bit frustrated with my own workshop creation workflow. So I tried to fix it. Here the story behind this prototype.

The prototype

The story

I've created two templates based on my own workshop creation template. The first is the workshop planner template. This is what I use at the beginning of a new workshop project. I use this tiny template to create multiple variants of a workshop and see which one would fit in the given time.

Once I have a workshop plan that works and respects the given time, I use the second template: the workshop presentation template. Now I build out the presentation based on the work I have done in the planner.

This workflow is really great when it comes to creating super custom workshops as I do for my own clients. Usually, I have at least 2-3 days of preparation and therefore I can also build presentations which are of high quality.

When it sucks

The problem comes when I don't really have the time to build a proper workshop. I don't always have 3 days to prepare a collaborative session. So usually, what I did was to go to the presentation directly. This sucks as when I'm building the presentation I'm also doing the plan at the same time. And I don't have really the time to build a nice presentation.

So the presentation doesn't look great, but it took me long to create. And I often forget to check if the activities fit in the given time for the work session.

The fix

So I've been playing around in the prototyping tool As you can see in the video, this little app lets you quickly create the workshop plan. And then, when your plan is right, in just one click you are in presentation mode.

Just for fun, for now

For now, this is just a little just for fun project that I'm using for my own work. If people show enough interest I might work a bit more on it and release for the public. So, if you like the idea let me know 🤓

— Written on June 24 2019

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