What's in the making (May-June 2019)?

In this little article I want to share with you the different projects I’m working on at the moment and that should come out in the coming months.

The cover of the book “What is Service Design”

What is Service Design? A book in beta

Instead of waiting that I have the time to shoot the video version of my next course called “What is Service Design” I decided to already publish its content online. I consider this as a beta version. It allows me to get feedback from readers and receive corrections.

On another side, it’s also a good way to improve my SEO with content I already have. Instead of leaving it in my drawer, by publishing it like this it helps at least Google recognize that I have good content on the topic of Service Design.

You still can get notified here when the video course will be launched.

Service Design Principles 101-200: draft done

Today I just finished writing the last principle for the second “chapter” of the book series “Service Design Principles”. This means I have a very first draft of the next 100 Service Design Principles I want to share with you. This series takes a bit of preparation. From here I have to rewrite each of these principles in a smaller and better format. Then from there, I’ll do some proofreading before a professional proofreader adapts it.

Then the usual book publishing process will take place. I think that at the end of 2019 I’ll have this new book done.

What I’m doing these days?

I’ve decided to continue writing new drafts for the next 100 principles. I’m writing 10 new principles two days a week. So in about 5 weeks, I should have the next 100 principles ready, which means I’ll have a total of 300 principles written down.

These drafts are published every Monday and Tuesday and accessible for free on the Service Design Magazine

Written on May 23, 2019

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