Baselines and metrics for incremental innovation by Daniele Catalanotto

Baselines and metrics for incremental innovation

An introduction to using baselines to measure the impact of your next innovation project.

The mindset 📈

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” — Pearson law

Learn the basics of using baselines in innovation projects

In this small course that you can read in less than an hour, you'll learn: 
  • WTF baselines are
  • What are their benefits and dangers
  • Practical examples of baselines used in innovation projects
And you'll also get a curated list of books, articles and tools to go further

A mobile app companion with 150 examples of metrics for innovators

Not sure which innovation metrics would be a great baseline for your next innovation project? No problem, I've collected 150 metrics that can serve as inspiration. These metrics are categorized in 20 collections for simpler access.

What's included?

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What you’ll learn
I’m biased as fuck and what you won’t learn
What you won’t learn
A list for inspiration
WTF are baselines?
Two types of baseline or metrics
KPIS, ROI and other fancy acronyms
Benefits of baselines
The dangers of baselines
Example metrics for baselines in innovation projects
My favorites
150 examples of innovation metrics 🤯
Opinionated: How to creatively use baselines and measurements
Time to say “pfff...”
The baseline of one
1 to 10 scales for motivation and any other stuff
Automating user research and testimonials
Non quantitative baselines
Going further
Recommended tools
Recommended books
Recommended articles
Heart framework
Where to track your baselines
End notes
Thank you note