Why I created this course

Hi there, I’m Daniele 👋 I have a weird job.

I’m a Service Designer and I help companies make their customers hate them a little less. My job is to create better experiences between you, the customer, and the services and enterprises you interact with.

In my nine years as a designer, I noticed that a really special mindset comes with the job. That’s why, at first, I created this course only for my clients. The goal was to let them understand how I’ll be working with them and why that’s sometimes pretty different to what they are used to.

I thought I’d make this content accessible outside of my client network too 🎁. In this way anyone who wants to start an innovation project with Service Design can better understand its practioners. Understanding the mechanics of a specific profession makes it easier to have a strong partnership where everyone respects the skillset and culture of each discipline.

Beyond tools

To understand more deeply the power of Service Design, you have to go beyond the practical tools and activities that a Service Designer is engaged in. I believe that you have to understand the mentality 🧠 of a professional, their beliefs, and their values in order to fully understand why they do what they do.