Service designers are not the experts, others are

Service designers focus on a human-centered approach. This means that they want to create services that people will enjoy using 🙂.

If you need to make users happy, you as a designer are not the expert anymore. This is because you don’t know everything about the users you are trying to serve. But the users that you are serving, they know pretty much all about themselves, right? 

That’s why service designers don’t consider themselves as the experts. They believe that the users are the experts 🧠 of how a service makes them feel. Service designers believe that employees are the experts about how it feels to do all the hard work to serve clients.

Service designers know they are not the experts but that others are. That’s why they will use plenty of methods, tools, and approaches to better understand what people want and need 🔎. 

Arguably, if they have one expertise, it’s the one of extracting the information they need from other experts. These experts are often the end users, employees, and other stakeholders 👫. But definitely not the service designers themselves.