Service designers look for lazy solutions

When it comes to creating new solutions, there is a big threat: ego 😤. People want to look smart and innovative. They would love for everyone to think that they are geniuses.

But wanting your solution to look smart and wonderful usually makes you forget two great methods of innovation. They are way less sexy than the “big innovation idea” but are still very powerful: Repackaging and Simple Solutions

The majority of businesses focus their attention on shiny complicated solutions. These cost a shitload of money to produce. 

On the other hand, service designers tend to follow two easy ways of solving problems ✅. They try to not fall into the trap of shiny and complicated innovations. 

They have to keep their egos aside 🤚 in order to be able to propose solutions which are either the repackaging of older ideas or just very simple and stupid ones. These designers don’t care about how the innovation looks. They only care about the change that it produces.