Service designers understand the phases of a design project

When someone passes away in your family, it is quite helpful when people tell you that it is perfectly normal to feel angry. When people tell you that “anger” is one of the several phases you have to go through in the process of grief, you feel reassured. You know that this feeling will not last forever. Knowing that you are going through the same steps that everybody else goes through makes you feel normal 👍

When you discover that there is a model that explains why you have particular emotions ✅, you are no longer this crazy alien being that can’t deal with stuff. You are back in the community of normal people and it’s absolutely normal to feel like this.

Service designers work around a similar idea. Instead of stages of grief, these designers have other models that help them understand and accept the different phases they go through. 

In this course, I’ll present three models 🧰 that many service designers use. The first model is the Double Diamond model, the second one is the Design Squiggle, and the last and third one is the Kübler-Ross Change Curve.

Let’s discover the first one together ⚡️