What you’ll learn

This course is not about the tools and methodologies used in Service Design. You can learn those from plenty of other online courses across the web. In this one, you’ll learn how these weird professionals observe the world around them.

The chapters

This course has 5 chapters in which you learn that service designers
  1. Have a human-centered approach 👱‍♂️;
  2. Love to make shit happen 🚀;
  3. Are lazy but that this is a good thing ✅;
  4. Don’t think in terms of silos but in journeys, and 🚶🏻‍♂️;
  5. Have to deal with a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt 🧐.

A bite-sized learning experience

A study by the Journal of Applied Psychology states that learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning into practical application 17% more efficient 🤯

That’s why this course is built around the idea of bite-sized learning. Thank god, you won’t have to read me for hours!

For each chapter, you’ll have about 3 to 5 short articles that just take a a few minutes to read ⚡️. Each article is short to read and only conveys one idea. That makes this course a good companion for your daily commute on the bus or train. 

A free course

This is a free course 🎁 that you can follow at your own pace. Once you are subscribed, you can either read it in an afternoon or take one tiny lesson, every day. That’s totally up to you.
I wish you a good learning moment. See you in the first chapter 👋