Course: Storytelling insights for better services by Daniele Catalanotto

Course: Storytelling insights for better services

Learn how to use storytelling elements to improve how people will experience your service.

This course a collaboration between a professional Storyteller and a Service Design specialist.

Romain is a storyteller and copy writer who has helped startups, political parties and corporate organizations tell their stories.
Romain Pittet
Daniele is a service designer and author who has published two books and multiple courses on Service Design.
Daniele Catalanotto

A course that brings storytelling knowledge into the service design world

Discover the power of storytelling for service design

In this online course you'll learn what storytelling is and why it such a powerful tool to captivate the human mind.

Improve your service with storytelling components

You'll learn how to:
  1. Use problems of your service as opportunities
  2. Create rhythm in your service experience
  3. Use all senses to enhance your service
  4. Define the role of your service to clarify the relationship with your users

What you won't learn in this course

This course helps you to use ideas and elements from the storytelling world to improve your service. But this course doesn't help you tell the story of your service.

This course doesn't:
  1. Make you a storyteller
  2. Help you to write better content
  3. Create a fancy story to attract customers

The course package

This online course teaches you the basics of storytelling and gives you the practical tools and templates to bring change in your service experience already today.

Get practical tools you can implement today

The course comes with 5 practical tools and templates that you can use to bring change to your service already today.

Get the key references to continue your journey

We share with you selected ressources and a list of storytellers to follow in order to continue your journey in the world of storytelling.

The practical tools

With this course you'll get access to custom tools.

Service Problems Canvas

This canvas is a tool that helps you to prioritize problems in your user experience and turn them into opportunities.
Get the canvas now

Service Senses Canvas

This canvas helps you to take into consideration all five senses when you create your service.
Get the canvas now

Service Roles Canvas

This canvas help you to define the relationship your service creates with your users. It helps to set better expectations and avoid customer frustrations.
Get the canvas now

Service Rhythm Canvas

This canvas helps you to use rhythm in order to make your service more memorable to your users. The canvas combines learnings from behavioral economics, psychology, storytelling and Service Design.
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What's included?

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The course table of content

What you'll learn
How you'll learn it
What you won't learn
Your coaches
Why we created this course
1. What is storytelling and why it matters?
What is storytelling
The effects of storytelling
Recommended video: The magical science of storytelling
Storytelling in business
Recommended video: Every Story is the Same
What are the elements that make a great story
2. Problems makes great stories and services
Every story has a problem
Friction makes services better
Video: are playgrounds too safe?
Mistakes make people more likable
Recommended reading: Pratfall Effect
🛠 Tool: The Problems Map
A little exercise
3. Sensorial information make great stories and services
A story talks to the senses
Sensorial information impacts our mood
Recommended video: The BMW sound designers. BMW quality.
Services use senses too
Recommended article: Multisensory Design: The Empathy-Based Approach To Workplace Wellness
🛠 Tool: Service Sensory Map
A little exercice
4. Roles make great stories and services
A story uses roles or archetypes
The professional world has roles too
🛠 Tool: Service Roles Cards
🛠 Tool: Service Personality test
A little exercice
5. Rhythm makes great stories and services
A story has emotional rhythm
Life has emotional rhythm too
Services have an emotional rhythm too
Recommended book: The Inzovu Curve Booklet
The importance the extremes and happy ends
🛠 Tool: Service Rhythm Map
Little exercice
Going further
3 resources on storytelling
3 storytellers to follow
Your next course and a 🎁
More courses like this one
A little thank you note