4.1 Double your sales with Service Design

The team of IDEO used a service design approach to help a Peruvian bank, Interbank, to create a more welcoming environment for customers.

The agency and the bank worked on differentiating Interbank from all the other banks in Peru. To do so, they created an experimental space called Interbank Explora. This was designed to delight the customers. While other banks look like hospitals and have super long waiting lines, Interbank Explora was a fun and expressive space.
In its first 2 months of existence, sales more than doubled, customer satisfaction rates improved from 33% to 84%, and profitability grew, including a 138% gain in non-interest-income activities.

What these numbers mean, is that by caring about the customer and using a service design approach, you will not only make your customers happier, but will have a higher business impact.