5. The tools and methods of Service Designers:

In the previous chapter, you discovered a few selected case studies that show that Service Design does not only make customers and users happier but also has a big business impact.

What you'll learn

This chapter is one which is quite practical. Here, I’ll share with you a selection of tools that most service designers use in their everyday jobs. You will discover tools that help service designers to do the following:
  1. Find out what people want or need
  2. Make sense of what they learned during their research
  3. Come up with hundreds of new solutions to a problem
  4. Create first drafts of their solutions and test them out with users

As we have seen in chapter 2, Service Design is not the only discipline in the innovation world. That’s why many tools I will present here are also used by the rest of the Service Design family like Experience Design, User Experience Design, or Design Thinking.