6. The terminology that Service Designers use:

Once again, I’m proud of you mate! You just finished another chapter in this course. You are now entering in the final phase of the course. You only have 2 chapters left.

In the previous chapter, you discovered a few tools that Service Designers use to perform their typical everyday tasks. You might have heard some funny terminology in there, which I will uncover now.

What you’ll learn

Service Design is now a pretty serious discipline with thousands of practitioners worldwide. With a new discipline, comes a new and specific language. In this sixth chapter, I want to share a selection of these terms that service designers and other innovators use to describe parts of their work.

By learning these specific terms, jargon between innovators will start to be much clearer to you. In addition, by knowing these terms, you can further explore the topic of Service Design yourself. Indeed, once you know the proper terms, it’s easier to perform a comprehensive Google search as you’ll use the specific terms that other professionals use in their how-to articles.

Okay, let’s start with a first easy term: let’s speak of the user.