2.3 The Service Design family

There is one idea that is important to me: at the end of this course you should understand that Service Design is just one approach to innovation. There are many others and they have many things in common.

It’s a bit like the Christian religion. Catholics, evangelists, and Protestants all believe in the exact same god. But each of these denominations within the Christian faith have their unique rituals, beliefs, and terms. Being the child of two pastors, I know that there are plenty of rituals, beliefs, and terms that all of these denominations also have in common.

The same goes for Service Design. It is part of the larger family of the innovation and design fields. What is great about it, is that once you understand this, you see that a lot of what you’ll learn in this course is applicable in another discipline that I’ll soon present.

Hereafter, I want to highlight four innovation or design fields and show their little special aspects.