7.1 Three smart service designers to know

There are several smart service designers out there; but if you had to only know 3 people in the industry, whose work and thinking you should follow these would be the following:

Roberta Tassi

Roberta the owner of the service design studio Oblo, in Italy. She created an amazing website that I have spoken about in chapter 5. She is the creator of the servicedesigntools.org website, which is a sort of directory of tools and methods used by service designers around the world.

Andy Polaine

The second service designer you should definitely follow is Andy Polaine. He is the co-author of the book “Service Design: From Insight to Implementation” and is the Group Director of Fjord Client Evolution. Andy was my mentor when I started my journey in Service Design; his no bullshit approach to the field is extremely refreshing and inspiring.

Marc Fonteijn

The third and last service designer you should follow is Marc Fonteijn, the host of the Service Design Show. This is a wonderful YouTube channel where Marc interviews service design practitioners from around the world about their practices and ideas. His show is a great way to discover how different people work in this field.