What comes after Service Design?

My two cents

One of the good evolutions that Service Design brings is that it doesn't only focus on one type of humans (the end-user, the employee, the stakeholder) but wants to make services that are both good for the people who use them and the people who build them.

So Service Design brings in a way a shift from focusing only on one part of the service to serving all parts. But what would be the next evolution?

With the climate crisis, more and more people understand that we shouldn't just build things that serve humans, but that also provide value to the ecosystems, the other living species and the earth in general.

As always, there are different names for the same idea; here a few of the names I've seen:
  1. Humanity-Centered Design
  2. Planet Centric Design
  3. Earth-Centered Design
  4. Environment-Centered Design
  5. Sustainable Service Design
  6. Life-Centered Design
  7. Relational Design by Pause and Effect

These new fields are interested in sustainability but take a more complex and systemic view

For the french speaking

If you speak french, you can listen to a 43 minutes conversation I've been a part of about this idea of beyond human-centred design:

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