What are examples of useful generative AI prompts for Service Design?

My two cents

I'm playing more and more with generative AI tools to see how these tools can help my work as a service designer. The tool I use the most is NotionAI as it's integrated in Notion, one of the apps I use the most. I used these prompts with NotionAI but they might work well also with tools like ChatGPT

To me I see what's generated by the AI as a first shitty draft I can improve as it's often easier to improve something that to start from scratch.

For each of these prompts I've put in bold the parts you'll need to adapt.

Create a Service Blueprint with an AI prompt

You are a service designer working for a new service called discovery year that helps young people try different jobs.
In a table create a service blueprint with the following columns: Aware, Join, Use, Develop, Leave. 
For each column add at multiple physical evidences, customer actions, customer emotions, pain points, frontstage actions, backstage actions, supporting processes. In each cell of the table, use commas instead of bullet points to separate elements.

Turn survey answers into a report with an AI prompt

You are a user researcher. Turn the user feedback from this survey about the needs of the population in Schaffhausen into a user research report. Start with an executive summary that highlights the three most interesting insights in bullet points. Put in bold the most important keywords Then write a complete report about your findings. Put in bold the most important keywords. Then write a conclusion with the suggested next steps and concrete actions inspired by the findings.

Create a protopersona with an AI prompt

You are a user researcher. Write a protopersona for the project Discovery Year. Add a paragraph with the name of the project in bold.  In a h1 title invent a name for the persona followed by an adjective that summarizes well this prototopersona Write a protopersona for a young person between 20-30 years who is not sure yet about her career. Add an H3 Quote Write in a blockquote a story that use this teamplate: For me it's important that [GOAL] because by doing this I can [NEED]. The problem I'm trying to fix when it comes to is [PAIN] but at the moment [FEAR] makes it hard to get there. Create a section for Needs, Goals, Pains and Fears, start each section with a H3 title and add bullet points below.

This prompt is inspired by my Minimal Persona Notion template.

Summarize documents in my prefered format with an AI prompt

Add a H1 title “🧑‍🎤 AI Summary”. Add a H3 title called “In one sentence”. Add a 1 sentence summary of this page within a blockquote. Add a H3 title called “The key insights”. Turn this page into 5 bullet points with in each the most important keyword in bold.

Create an Empathy Map with an AI prompt

You are a service designer helping on the project Discovery Year.
Imagine a name for a potential customer.
Write in an H1 title the name of the potential customer followed by the title of the project.
Create an empathy map in the form of a table for young people who are 20-30 and are struggling to find their dream career and true passion

Create a Stakeholder Map with an AI prompt

Create a stakeholder map for a new service called Discovery Year in the form of a table.
Turn the first row and the first column of the table into headers.
This services aims to help young professionals aged between 20 and 30 to find their dream career and job through a series of traineeships at the Salvation Army.
The stakeholder map should include for each stakeholder: it’s relationship with other stakeholders, it’s need, goals and pain points.

Use the Fast Idea Generator brainstorming technic with an AI prompt

You are an innovation consultant tasked with finding new ideas for a service called Discovery Year.
The goal of this service is to help young professionals aged between 20 and 30 to find their dream career and job
Use the fast idea generator method to write new ideas for this service. 
Using markdown write a title including the method and the project name. 
In a table put as columns: Approach, Normal rule, New rule. New service idea description. 
Format the first column and the first row of the table as headers.
Use the following approaches to fill the table: 
INVERSION: Turn a common practice upside down
INTEGRATION: Integrate the offer with other offers
EXTENSION: Extend the offer
DIFFERENTIATION: Segment the offer
ADDITION: Add a new element
SUBTRACTION: Take something away
TRANSLATION: Translate a practice associated with another field
GRAFTING: Graft an element of practice from another field
EXAGGERATION: Push something to its most extreme expression

Create foresight scenarios with an AI prompt

You are a strategic foresight expert working for the church of the Salvation Army in Switzerland.
Create 5 foresight scenarios.
For each scenario create a table with a title, trends, threats, opportunities and a recommendation for action. Don't use bullet points but instead separate elements with commas.

Create a workshop schedule with an AI prompt

You are an innovation workshop facilitator.
Create a workshop schedules in the form of a tables. The goal of the workshop is to help an organization create their marketing strategy for the year 2023. The workshop starts at 13:00 and ends at 17:00 and should include one 15 minutes break and one 20 minutes buffer.
In the table and for each workshop activity add: a title, a one paragraph description of the activity, the duration in minutes, what needs to be prepared in advance and the collaboration mode (individually, in subgroups, all together).

Create a Business Model Canvas with an AI prompt

Create a business model canvas for a new service called Discovery Year. This service helps young people between 20 and 30 years old discover their dream job and passion by trying different jobs at the Salvation Army

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